Welcome to Book Week!

Book Week!

Book Week!

Happy New Year to Everyone!  Now, welcome to Book Week!

This whole week on Mawkish Kabob, I’ll be focusing entirely on books.  My family is moving house soon, and within the month I’ll either be looking for a new home or enjoying true homelessness.  That means, I need to start getting rid of more stuff at a much faster rate.  Book Week is just a neat and tidy culmination of all this pre-moving, my ownership of many, many books, and the mission objective of the blog: to give my belongings one last, heartfelt goodbye.


Tips for Regifting

image from theclassywoman.blogspot.com

While many shudder at the term, I always considered regifting as a viable solution to some pretty sticky situations.  Regifting can not only open up space, but really make some people happy.  But if you’re not careful, it can also break some hearts.  Here are just a few tips in time for the Holiday Season.  Consider it a warning, because with all the kabobs I’m posting up, if you’re a friend and you’re reading this, you may just get some regifted panties.

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My Dirty Laundry

From a Cool Person

Pink Panties

I don’t know what to do with these.

When I received the pink, lacey, Charlotte Russe panties, I convinced myself that I was going to keep them for as long as I could. They were the congratulatory pat-on-the-back for a job well-done. I remember I cracked a joke and she threatened to snatch them back if I was going to act unappreciative. It was my first pair of conquest panties and I was not going to let them be indian gifted.

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Is This You?

It was my second year of college, and the last day I would live in the apartments on campus.  I thought I learned my lesson from the year before when I shared a small room with two guys and all of our cramped belongings made it practically impossible to live there.  Moving into my second-year apartment, I made sure to pack a couple bags of clothes, a small stack of books, and my computer stuff in one neat little tote bag.  On the last day I was surprised to find out that in order to extradite my belongings I required a dozen trash bags, multiple trips from my hometown to the school, and a couple of dumpster drops from the second floor.  I did not learn my lesson between first and second year.

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Change Clothes, and Go

San Diego Comic-Con 2003 was a marvelous place and time. The first Spider-man movie was popular, and as my new fictional role model, Spider-man would be a healthy gateway drug to the exclusive world of “comic book nerds.”  It was only during the Comic-Cons did it really feel acceptable to express a part of me I desperately tried to hide.  It was the type of gathering you dream about.  No one cares what you do because they are just like you, and I felt really safe there.

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Animorphs Collection

“Marco’s always saying you choose how to see the world. That you can look at what’s funny and cool, or you can focus on all the things that aren’t.

So I tried to follow Marco’s advice. I tried to turn my dreams to Cassie.

But even looking into her eyes, I still saw that doomed Howler falling.”

Excerpt from Animorphs #26

Someone once thought that the only reason I even liked Animorphs was because there was a character named “Marco” in the series. Pssh. Idiots. It was because there was a dude in there that could change into a tiger at will.

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Deleting My Save Files

Video Game Collection

Video Game Collection

“Well, that was emotional.”

Near the porch rocking chair, there were snuffed-out cigarettes in an ashtray. After I knocked on his door, his skinny frame stepped out from behind the screen door and he looked like Christmas had just arrived from Burning Man. A gap of chin split his beard in two by a gap of chin, and if it were not for his feeble eyes, hidden behind thick, recycled-bottle glasses, I would have been nervous. I got a weird sense of Déjà vu. I somehow knew, maybe in a dream, that I would be giving away my childhood to the Anti-Santa.

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