Progress, Part 1

From Start...

Well, this weekend I’ll be having guests come over, and really, all my momentum and preparation is going to be put to the test.  The room as it stands is still a junk heap because I have been focusing my efforts elsewhere.  The good news is, I’m buying way-less, saving way-more, and feeling good about my finances despite still being dead broke.  Hmm…  I’ll be posting updates on the room as the week goes on.

I do love momentum.

Does a Job Count?

All throughout this week I’ve been racking my brain and preparing myself for the inevitable departure I’ve planned for one of my jobs.  I’m currently doing two things right now: IT specialist/web design/customer service rep at a vitamins and supplements company; and I’m a tutor for grades K-12.  I’m not Mister Fantastic, and I’m currently not able to stretch myself so thin that I can appropriately be competent at all things I set my mind to.  But, there are baby steps.  Tutoring is the better choice for me right now, so I’m dropping the other job.  I’ll have my mornings free and a part of me believes that I’ll be able to do a lot of good in that time.

Will I miss my old job?  Yes.  A resounding yes.  I’ve had mixed feelings about working there.  The co-workers are good people, and I’ve made friends to last me a lifetime.  So what’s the problem?  The problem is understanding my potential, and knowing when it’s time to leave the small pond for larger waters.

So long old job, this boa constrictor just shed you.

Practice Made Perfect by Roberto Moretti

I’m a 22-year old college graduate, and I lack discipline.

One of the harshest realities of my generation is that every year there are hundreds of thousands of us that graduate from a university and end up not knowing what to do after that.  I grew up in an environment where the ideal path was to go to school, get a degree in something I am good in, and then make money to be happy.  But even when told what to do, and even though I paid attention to every single lecture, I’m still as clueless as Alicia Silverstone.  Call me a tweenager, twixter, or lazy good-for-nothing, but that still does not change the fact that I feel like I’m lacking something to achieve my goals.

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Source: Detroit Library

I’ve had people tell me that dropping your belongings is as easy as just going to the Goodwill and unloading it all on them.  And while that may work for most of us, there are tons of other options that are frequently over-look.  Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of those old printed classics.
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Disney movies used to always find ways to exacerbate my OCD.  Even a memorable scene from Beauty and the Beast found ways to chide my childish need to keep everything in order.  During the opening song, after the audience is introduced to the peculiar Belle and her poor provincial town, as a young boy, I could not stand watching a sheep chew on Belle’s favorite book.

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Penis Pokey

He lifted his shirt and my face twisted and turned in on itself at the sight of his backside.  Craters upon craters of back-ne, and a soft red patch of skin, in the little red ridge between the lower back and his ass, hinted at the idea that his fingernails were known to visit the area often.  A loud, awkward laugh erupted in the back of my throat, and my attempts to stifle it only accented the staccato pauses between the “ha’s.”

“Hey!  Don’t laugh.  Now sit your brown ass in that chair and read me a bed time story!”

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Her Gift

Great Masters of American Art

Have you ever received a gift that made you wince, no matter how hard you tried to like it?  She bought me a thick, lovely, little book on the “Great Masters of American Art.”  But every time I look at it, I can’t help but be reminded of a relationship that really tortured my first year of college.  Cue the dramatic organ.

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Welcome to Book Week!

Book Week!

Book Week!

Happy New Year to Everyone!  Now, welcome to Book Week!

This whole week on Mawkish Kabob, I’ll be focusing entirely on books.  My family is moving house soon, and within the month I’ll either be looking for a new home or enjoying true homelessness.  That means, I need to start getting rid of more stuff at a much faster rate.  Book Week is just a neat and tidy culmination of all this pre-moving, my ownership of many, many books, and the mission objective of the blog: to give my belongings one last, heartfelt goodbye.

Tips for Regifting

image from theclassywoman.blogspot.com

While many shudder at the term, I always considered regifting as a viable solution to some pretty sticky situations.  Regifting can not only open up space, but really make some people happy.  But if you’re not careful, it can also break some hearts.  Here are just a few tips in time for the Holiday Season.  Consider it a warning, because with all the kabobs I’m posting up, if you’re a friend and you’re reading this, you may just get some regifted panties.

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My Dirty Laundry

From a Cool Person

Pink Panties

I don’t know what to do with these.

When I received the pink, lacey, Charlotte Russe panties, I convinced myself that I was going to keep them for as long as I could. They were the congratulatory pat-on-the-back for a job well-done. I remember I cracked a joke and she threatened to snatch them back if I was going to act unappreciative. It was my first pair of conquest panties and I was not going to let them be indian gifted.

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